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Information and communication technology is a tool for helping to provide new digital opportunities in order to reduce the gender gap in access to medical and educational services and other facilities, and to provide the opportunity for the various strata of the population, especially vulnerable and disadvantaged people, to play a significant role. At the same time it constitutes the long-term sustainable development framework. Among them, women are half the world’s population, which in 2018 still experience all kinds of injustice around the world.


The vice president for women and family affairs is the national reference of women and family in the Islamic republic of Iran. The role of this vide-presidency in improving the women status and reinforcing their abilities to develop Islamic Iran is of high importance. Policy-making for realization of objectives in outlook framework of Islamic republic of Iran including reinforcing the family institution; improving the status of women in social, political and economic arenas; improving women capabilities in managerial, entrepreneurial, employment, political, scientific, cultural, sport, social arenas; interaction with public organizations in the area of women and family is considered among the main duties of this deputy.

Since achieving gender justice opportunities in pursuit of sustainable and balanced development and free access without discrimination to urban and rural areas, men and women are the main communications and information technologies in the country, and the Ministry of Communications and Technology Information has been an all-out effort to use the ICT capacities to empower women and girls. Subsequently, these two organizations are seeking to expand cooperation in the international arena.
Women’s empowerment is one of the most important ways to accelerate development in developing countries. Improving the level of education, health, individual and specialized skills, social participation and employment are among the indicators that are important in accelerating the process of empowering women, and ICT as the most important tool for promoting and developing the economy provides more agile infrastructure for this purpose.
The seminar was held in conjunction with the 24th International Electronic, Computer and E-Commerce Exhibition (ELECAMP 2018)) with the aim of promoting and exchanging international experiences in this field, in order to enhance the skills of women in the use of ICTs .
This seminar will be an opportunity for the exchange of experiences, innovations and actions in the field of empowering women and girls through ICT and an opportunity for international and international experts to localize these experiences in the country.

key speakers

key speakers